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This page provides connections to Engineering Consultants who are MGATE certified Transition Engineering Professionals.

One of our particular competencies is financial and rationality analysis of transition technology developments.

This involves knowing the particular energy system, the history, the current trends, and the forward operating environment. MGATE consultants can offer an analysis of the current and future demand for different possible assets. There are many popular media stories about alternative energy technologies, but it is very difficult to find experts who will provide realistic assessment of the potential for real projects in a particular market. Investors, communities and governments should be able to access neutral, fact-based engineering advice on the viability of alternative technologies. 

And even more interesting, we can carry out what we call an InTIME assessment of the system to discover the disruptive new ideas and technologies that represent opportunities for investors looking to be first into the market of the future.

All companies, organizations and communities have exposure to issues of un-sustainability. InTIME Consultants can help manage changes, but most importantly they have help find innovations and opportunities in the face of wicked problems of HOW to decrease fossil fuel use while improving prosperity.  Organizations may already be convinced of the objectives of deep-decarbonization. Transition Engineering is the work of path-finding through innovating, engineering and managing real projects. 

Splendid Engineering

Splendid Engineering

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Splendid Engineering is the first consultancy helping clients achieve long-term sustainability with the Transition Engineering approach. We help people to think differently, and to adapt products, systems and organizations to remain viable in a changing future.
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