The GATE is Open

But now what do we do?

At the end of 2018, the stalwart group of dedicated GATE Trustees got all of the paperwork in place and secured the UK Charity Commission approval to officially open the GATE. We know that as a historic movement across the disciplines of Engineering and Applied Sciences, it will be necessary to have a legal entity.  Why? Because we are a rapidly expanding and influencing thought bomb and we need maximum propagation force in order to save the world. That's all. 

  • Accredit training programmes
  • Help universities, trainers and coaches learn the InTIME Methodologies and
  • Ensure all members can learn from others as we rapidly take on projects and learn by doing
  • Establish a trusted brand
  • Provide a source for information and spokespersons for the TE Movement
  • Form shift panels that prepare industry standards and best practice advisories

And yes, it is all a bit boring and old school.

Where is the passion?  Where is urgency?  Where is the fire in the belly? 

Transition Engineering is a Game-Changing Movement in the Engineering World

We are looking for the first 100 InTIME-Activists who through their dedication to engineering the future will find the way to change the old guard. 

This is impossible like all of the wicked problems we take on in transition engineering. So - why not?  The alternative is to keep doing what we are doing, but we know where that goes. 

The London WhyGATE? meeting is open to anyone. The trustees will give their elevator pitches for WhyGATE? And the GATE members will brainstorm and build up the strategy for the next 3 years to find the 100 InTIME-Activists help them to build the movement, and support them in what they want to do. 

If you are one fo the 100, let us know. 

trustee meeting #30

RSVP to Daniel Kenning for catering purposes. 

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WhyGATE? London

WhyGATE? London

Date  October 01, 2019Details  Strategy Meeting 
Napier Room IMechE, One Birdcage Walk, London SWIH 9J
This should be a very active strategy meeting. Participants will present their "Elevator Pitch" for what GATE is, why TE is needed and how engineers can be the game changer InTIME.